Leadership development

Leadership development can be viewed from two different perspectives:

  • Competence development, in which the leader increases his/her insights into and understanding of a specific subject, like economics or administration.
  • Personal development, in which the leader, through an active inner process, increases his/her self-knowledge concerning daily tasks and the responsibilities that comes with these. This increased self-knowledge affects and develops leadership abilities.

We believe it is the above-mentioned personal development that leads to more lasting results for the leader.

When beginning a new leadership development program, our starting point is the personality evaluation method that we have continued to develop for more than 30 years. Every person is unique, with his/hers own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we conduct our leadership development one-to-one, focusing wholly on the individual’s development in his/hers current work environment.

The goal of personal development is to achieve improved insight into oneself and one’s preconditions, and to understand how one’s success as a leader is determined by how one’s behaviour and actions are perceived.

Increasing one’s self knowledge leads to increased acceptance of one’s preconditions, and provides a sense of security and groundedness in one’s personality. This is a basic condition for developing leadership, and for better understanding and adapting one’s actions to various leadership situations.

Feeling secure as a leader results in clear leadership style, which is a basic condition for creating security and efficiency in an organization.

Result is achieved by personal qualities