Every company is unique. To better aid our clients with recruitment and leadership development, we continuously take part in their business development. Our clients businesses are constantly affected by the demands of a changing world. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on both present and long-term growth.

Today, it is of utmost concern to have leaders with the ability to perform their tasks in the best possible way. To find the right person, we begin each recruitment with a thorough business analysis. In the business analysis, we focus both on the current situation of the company and on the planned development for the next few years. We place great importance on understanding the processes that lead to successful development of the company.

With this information, we do a detailed study of the demands that the company’s development will place on the person to be recruited. We write a specification of requirements that includes not only the skills and the experiences that are needed, but also the personality requirements necessary for a successful result. Starting with this specification, we perform both experience interviews and a more thorough psychological assessment. After this, we are ready to present the most suitable candidates to our client. Our involvement continues even after the candidate is employed, with a follow-up meeting in which we ascertain that the wished-for results have been achieved.

We have standing general agreements with a number of our clients. This means that, focusing on our clients’ business development, we perform a continuous recruitment process in preparation for the future needs of their most important strategic asset: people. We are a strategic partner closely linked to our clients’ business development

Result is achieved by personal qualities